Saturday, December 1, 2012

Downer Days and Cupcakes

Hey everyone!
Today is slightly a downer day.
I'm still mostly optimistic about my future as a business owner and what not...
I'm just feelin a little sad cause I want people to love what I do and I have yet to get a very positive response to any of it.

I work very hard on my Etsy shop, I LOVE making my YouTube videos that hardly anyone watches and nobody really reads my blog. I basically talk to myself on here and on YouTube.
I would love to gain some loyal subscribers on there and some followers on here or twitter or instagram. I love sharing! Just haven't caught anyone's eye yet... :(

I need some support! I will be your best friend ever if you support any of my ventures!


I made cupcakes for our church Christmas decorating/ soup-bread-dessert contest we had tonight.
They were/are still amazing!! Looove them!
Can't go wrong with super soft chocolate cupcakes and cream cheese frosting, all from scratch! Mmm! <3

E.L.F. hasn't shipped my ginormous order yet! :(
I wanna make my haul videooo!
And my nails are sad. They want new fun colors.

Anyone else excited for Christmas?!?!
I really wanna get myself a white mini Christmas tree from Michael's like sarahbelle93x on YouTube!
They have a 50% off coupon this week!
I should do it... Yes!
How cute would it be to hang my products on it like decorations and take Christmas themed product photos for my Etsy shop?!?!
Oh my!!
Greatest idea ever in the world!! <3

I should probably get some sleep.
Gotta work tomorrow and possibly go Christmas shopping and go to the tree lighting ceremony/ Christmas parade downtown! Yay!
The yay is not about work! Haha

Good night! <3

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