Friday, August 10, 2012

Vaca Again!!

So, the month of August is quite packed for me. Last weekend I was at my step mom's family reunion. This weekend I'm headed to my mom's family reunion. And next weekend I'll be gone again for my step mom's other family thing.
Woah!! Right?? Haha
Anyways! Because I'm going to be camping, I may or may not have any posts for the next few days. I will sure try though!
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I try to post pictures of what I'm doing on there!!
Have a fantastic weekend!! <3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sorry Everyone!!

So, I was quite busy yesterday and didn't get a chance to post my second Daily Look review.
I was trying to figure out how exactly I wanted to do it, after it took me hours to do the first post. I decided that I would pick my favorite out of the three looks they post every day.
Sadly, my computer quit working again today, so this is the only post I will be making for the day. I'm very sad... I'm not sure if I'll be able to make nice posts like the one I did on Monday. We will see. If not, I'll do the best I can with my iPad.
Hope the rest of you had a better day than I did!! Bye!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anybody else feel that??'s HOT!!!!! AM I RIGHT?
When we got home today, I was soooo thankful that it was a million degrees cooler here! Oh my!
Ice cold water stayed cold for five minutes...
Pop stayed cold for two minutes...
Breezes were hot...
No air conditioning!!
That's no way to live...
We were supposed to make a trip to the river, but never did. We made cook books instead. Mine is pretty cute..not gonna lie... I may post some pictures of it later on.
Stress is, unfortunately, what fills every vacation or trip... I hate it. Also! I have many bug bites on my left arm and left leg. They all swelled up monstrously! I'm in pain!! Ouch!!

Good night!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The heat!! & Random people!!

So, yesterday evening, we (my dad, step mom, siblings and I) made our way up to the Auburn area. My step mom's family is having a reunion. Besides the extreme heat....I barely know these people! Haha A lot of them are family that I've seen a few times, but don't actually know personally. Then there are others that I've never seen before. Kind of interesting going to a family reunion and not being familiar with the people...
Today, we went around to different garage sales. I was a little excited, but we never found much. One lady had a cool newer record player that I was interested in, but after hearing her prices on other lesser items, I was afraid to ask.
Beating the heat isn't possible today. I am pooped! I need a nap.
We played some crazy group games outside...not a good idea!
Oh! I am COVERED in bug bites!! Not cool... Mostly just my right leg. It itches like crazy! Stinkin mosquitos....
RVs are great for shade. Love ours. But don't love so much kids who run up to you and ask for their birthday present first thing when you arrive... We didn't get you anything! This isn't a birthday party for you! Oh my... I don't do the whole Santa thing....this kid thinks he's going to ask Santa to give him $1,000 for Christmas. Yes.. That's correct. One-thousand!! I said "what d'ya think Santa is made of money??". Of course, he said yes. Some peoples' kids..
Anyways!! Haha
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Hope you all have fun-filled and cool weekends! :]

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm still learning!!!

So...I've decided to stop numbering my posts by what day it is...because I still have yet to post every day!! Haha Oh well.. 
I've been thinking about makin my blog a little more spiffy! I'm not really sure where to start! So, I guess you could be seeing many changes to my page as I figure things out!
Anyways! I finished building my desk today!! I moved the furniture around in my itty bitty room, to hopefully accommodate my desk, so that I'll finally have a workspace! I'm excited! No more sewing machine on my vanity! And no more searing through my entire room to find my sewing related items. Yay!
Well, I'm going to cut this short and get to work on pretty-fying my blog!
Yummy smelling taco soup in the crock pot is making me hungry! Bye!