Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Two!!!!

Haha I am horrible at this! Already missed a day by a couple hours..
Today was not an eventful day. Basically chilled on the couch. I watched some Spongebob and played on Pinterest!
Sorry for the short boring post! I'll make a real post for Day Three.
Night!! :]

Monday, July 23, 2012

First Product Post!

This is my first purse/bag! I'm so excited! It turned out much better than I was hoping!

Day One!!

Today is Day One of my new blog!
As a multifaceted artist, sometimes you have a difficult time deciding where you should go, as far as a career is concerned. I already have a photography blog, which turned into a random rant blog. I don't write on that one anymore. I know the importance a blog can play in creating a business, so here I am again!
This time around, I am making a design blog! It's a little less specific in title, so I can post more of what I love to do! At the moment, I'm trying to start my own line of purses/bags and that is what this blog will be centered around. I'm going to add links to my Etsy shop, Facebook page and Twitter!
I figured it would be easiest for me to learn how to blog properly of I did one daily. I may post more often than that, but numbering the days will make me feel more accountable. Haha I realize that since this is my very first blog post, in a brand new blog, that nobody is going to read this anytime soon. Feels kind of like I'm talking to myself!! Haha
A little into my day today. Outside of busily creating social networking connections for my business, it is also a year to the say since I was in Reno in my cousin's wedding. A little shout out to her on her one year anniversary today! Love you Bre! Also, we came back from camping , at Lake Jubilee, yesterday. It was quite hot and pretty out there. I've been feeling a little under-the-weather today.. Possibly from the stress that comes with vacations. Wrong, right? Oh well.
End of my very first post!! I will get on adding my links and post again soon!
Have a wonderful day! :]