Saturday, August 4, 2012

The heat!! & Random people!!

So, yesterday evening, we (my dad, step mom, siblings and I) made our way up to the Auburn area. My step mom's family is having a reunion. Besides the extreme heat....I barely know these people! Haha A lot of them are family that I've seen a few times, but don't actually know personally. Then there are others that I've never seen before. Kind of interesting going to a family reunion and not being familiar with the people...
Today, we went around to different garage sales. I was a little excited, but we never found much. One lady had a cool newer record player that I was interested in, but after hearing her prices on other lesser items, I was afraid to ask.
Beating the heat isn't possible today. I am pooped! I need a nap.
We played some crazy group games outside...not a good idea!
Oh! I am COVERED in bug bites!! Not cool... Mostly just my right leg. It itches like crazy! Stinkin mosquitos....
RVs are great for shade. Love ours. But don't love so much kids who run up to you and ask for their birthday present first thing when you arrive... We didn't get you anything! This isn't a birthday party for you! Oh my... I don't do the whole Santa thing....this kid thinks he's going to ask Santa to give him $1,000 for Christmas. Yes.. That's correct. One-thousand!! I said "what d'ya think Santa is made of money??". Of course, he said yes. Some peoples' kids..
Anyways!! Haha
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Hope you all have fun-filled and cool weekends! :]

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