Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blogmas Day 20! Pet Peeves!


This is seriously not Christmas related...but necessary!

Lately, in our household, there has been a LOT of lying.


So yeah... Needless to say I've been extremely stressed out over this. I cannot stand when people blatantly lie to your face. Especially when you watch someone lie to their parents...and usually get away with it. Drives me insane!


I wish people would just quit lying. It doesn't get you anywhere in life! People will figure you out and nobody will like you or trust you anymore.

Fun stuff! I wanna be that person! NOT!

Ugh... Anyways...

The parents are out of town finishing Christmas shopping and I am in charge of getting the siblings to and from school tomorrow. Its the last day before winter break.

Also...people need to calm down about the whole world ending thing... There are children in juvy because they're making stupid threats to schools. Honestly... If the world were to end, what good would those threats do you? And if you actually did shoot people, what good would that do you? And if you're stupid enough to do any of that and the world doesn't end, what now?! You're in jail! Have a nice life..

Wow.. Lots of ranting today. Haha! Oh well!

I hope everyone is being safe and still enjoying the Christmas season! Five more days!

<3 YA!

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