Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogmas Day 19! Christmas Present Stress!

Hi everyone!

I don't really have anything fun for you guys today. Sorry!

I was rushing around to Michael's and Joann's today trying to find what I need for a couple presents I'm making.

Long story short...I ended up with a massive headache. Both from stressing out and from driving in the dark.

(I'm supposed to wear glasses for night driving because I have astigmatisms, which cause all the lights to star out and burn my eyes.)

Sorry again for the less than exciting blog post tonight!

I hit 13 subscribers on YouTube today! Yay! My favorite number! Really wish making videos was easier... I need a computer!

Anyways... Remember, even though it can get stressful, enjoy the magic of this time of year!

<3 ya!

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