Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blogmas Day 22! Organization!

Hey everyone!

So today may not be Christmas related....unless you know someone who would appreciate some help organizing things!

I'm mostly talking about makeup and nail polish.

I was looking around on Pinterest today for some ideas on storing my makeup and nail polishes.

I don't currently have enough makeup to worry too much, yet. Haha But my cyber Monday splurge on 42 E.L.F. nail polishes caused me to start looking for a better way to store and organize them!

I came across a couple cute ideas and was trying to think of ways to combine the two!

The first idea was a shelving unit that could hold things other than nail polish. Now, I wanted something that I could close and hide them, so I don't have to see them all the time, so that bothered me a little.

The second idea was to make a tiered shelf to put them on, so I could have them behind each other, but I could still see them.

My final idea/solution was probably to create something myself. Ideally, I would love a shelving unit that has cute shutter doors on it and I can make little tiered shelves to put on those shelves!

I think it would be super cute and way efficient!

(The photos are not of my collection. Just examples. And I believe those shelves are from Ikea.)

What do you think? :]

Let me know below!

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<3 ya!

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