Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Little Things!

Hey everybody!

So..last night I got a message from someone who I have not talked to in probably about a month. I was a little shocked.. Not gonna lie! Haha
This person and I weren't on the best of terms the last time we spoke... It made me sad.
Also, I haven't actually seen this person in about 11 months! That's a long time!
They don't know it yet....but I actually am excited to hear from them. Just not ready to show it yet. :]


Is anyone else frustrated beyond belief, right now?! Why does everything have to get me down? I would like for my creativity to bust out already!!!!
Everything I make is so underwhelming.... :(
I need some serious soul-inspiration!


I'm not really sure what to do at this point... I need a computer like nobody's business!
Can't buy one without money! Sad!

I could have sworn that I had something with more substance to say in this post... Hmm...

Oh well!

I watched some inspiring love videos today. Some of those Boyfriend Tag videos are just adorable! I'm so totally jealous.... :(


Good night! <3 ya!

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