Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Look Review! 11/20/12

I have noticed that my post about Daily Look gets the most views! So! I have decided to do more of them! I hope that's what you're looking for!

I am also thinking about doing reviews/thoughts on what's available on haute look and lookbook.

Sound good? Interesting?

Please leave me comments! :]


Heart of Gold

I actually like today's first look!
For some reason I haven't been liking their outfits recently.

1. The rushed sleeve blazer is adorable! Both of the colors it comes in are cute! $39.95
2. I haven't got into the leggings trend yet, but plain black is always good. $19.95
3. I like having long shirts, so this asymmetrical shooting stars top doesn't do it for me. $26.95
4. I LOVE the locked down tote! So cute! And very trendy! Love my big purses! $49.95
5. The sailor strip infinity scarf is another love! I <3 scarves and anything nautical! $9.95
6. I like bold jewelry, but the money tree necklace isn't something I would wear. $14.95
7. Ooh! I love a fancy watch! This elegant wrap watch is definitely a keeper! $24.95
8. Lastly, I adore boots! These distressed buckle booties are adorable! Love! $44.95

Lady Bug

Today's second look is cute and festive, but I'm not into wearing fake leather...especially as a skirt.

1. Again, blazers are popular right now and the bright red is very holiday appropriate. $26.95
2. I don't like real or fake leather skirts... Sorry! Not cute to me. $19.95
3. Basic tees are definitely a must in any wardrobe. So easy to make into an outfit! $7.95
4. Is it just me, or a purses the best part of any outfit?! Looove this one! Yes please! $39.95
5. I'm not too sure what a gummy jewel necklace is... Sounds gross! Haha $14.95
6. Tights....never liked them a whole lot. Especially plain ones. Not sure... $9.95
7. This bowtie bracelet is adorable. I love stacking bracelets! $7.95
8. I won't lie...I have platform heels...but from weddings. Haha No thanks.. $34.95

Magic Eight

Look number three is probably an outfit that I would actually wear! Finally! Hahaha

1. Another blazer! White is classic and chic with the black pocket accents. $49.95
2. Skinny jeans are comfy and in black, the make your outfit more formal! $19.95
3. This ruffle and pleat top is cuuute and wearable! Yay! I want one... $19.95
4. The purse is pretty cute, but way too small for me! $29.95
5. It's leopard bow belt is super cute, but I'm not a belted shirt girl. $9.95
6. Ooh! Leather and metal bracelet! Yes! So cool! $9.95
7. Not a fan of the necklace...yet again... So sad. $26.95
8. I think I could handle these cutout wedges. Darn cute and not too high! $34.95

Hope you like it! <3

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