Sunday, November 18, 2012

Power Outage!

My wifi hates me!
I just posted this, but it didn't upload or save it!
Awesome... Was kinda long...

Our power was out for a couple hours due to a wind storm!
We lit tons of candles and played some games.
Once the power came back on, Khloie (my dog) and I restarted our movie, Chicken Little!

Sorry for the slightly randomness of this post. Pretty much the most exciting thing that happened today.

Oh! My grandpa's twin is back to stay with him! I love having both of them around!

A little sadness.... I've been feeling pretty down about my products...
I'm new to sewing and making jewelry, so I feel like my stuff isn't quality enough for people to want to buy... Kind of depressing...

But I've been trying to dig deep inside and figure out what my calling is. I love so many art related subjects that its difficult for me to pick just one. But I did come up with a couple.
I know that painting relaxes me.
And I'm actually pretty good at it.
So I'm exploring ideas of paintings that I could possibly sell.
So there's that.
I love music.
Singing it.
Playing it on instruments.
I've been saving for a guitar and learning how to play them.
So there's a second.
I'm not called the crossover artist for nothing! Haha

My ultimate goal has always been to be a musician.
I've been feeling, lately, like that requires being able to play a guitar. Not sure why.
I know I'm a pretty decent singer. Learned that in choirs in high school.
I would love to be able to write my own songs. I've been working on lyrics very slowly.

But in the mean time, I believe I'm good enough at painting to make some money to hopefully support myself and buy equipment.
That is also why I started a YouTube channel.
The economy is rough.
Every little bit helps.

Please follow my blog and subscribe to my youtube channel!
You may like it!
Well, anyways... Love ya guys!
Good night! <3

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